About Us

Indemnity Security Consultants provides vulnerability evaluations of IT Systems, Personal Security Detachments, Physical Sites and Security Training with the highest level of customer service in order to protect our clients from risk, loss, and threat.

    • We specialize in facility physical security, IT systems, personal protection, and training
    • Based in the Greater DC area and serving an international clientele, Indemnity Security Consultants has the resources and reach to accurately asses your needs.
    • Our expertise will be used to cater to each individual clients needs. Indemnity Security Consultants employees Subject Matter experts in multiple “Skill Sets” to provide flexibility and cater to a client’s time, financial, and security needs. In this way we will allow a client to choose the method of consulting: these include retainer consulting, project based consulting, and research and testimony. Indemnity Security Consultants will not sale, endorse, or advertise third party vendor equipment or services. This position allows Indemnity Security Consultants to remain neutral and objective when consulting.
    • All of our work is protected with the required legal forms and all of our employees maintain Government Security Clearances for you piece of mind.