Choosing the best heating and ventilation products for your home

With the climate of Warrington could be said to be more unpredictable than ever, heating & ventilation products are in high demand, offering an effective way to deal with the changing climate. However, with the price of fuel that has soared over the past year, this can be expensive, so it is increasingly important to ensure that the most efficient products are used to achieve savings, whenever possible.

High demand for heating & ventilation products: With a day that is often drastically different from the next, we continually turn to heat & ventilation products from electrical wholesalers Warrington to ensure indoor and outdoor comfort in a changing climate. As a result, the demand for heating & ventilation products has increased dramatically in recent years, which has led to the growth of new products.

Renewable solutions offer energy and cost efficiency: However, the combined impact of government regulations and directives, the increase in gas and electricity prices and the increase of budgetary restrictions for the public sector means that particular attention must be paid to the specification of these products. It is increasingly important to look beyond the initial outlay required when investing in the newest renewable solutions from Electrical wholesalers Warrington to achieve energy and economic efficiency. Many manufacturers have developed highly advanced and intelligent heating & ventilation products from Electrical wholesalers in Warrington that can help achieve this dual objective of reducing energy and reducing costs.

Air source heat pumps: One of those solutions is the heat pump technology, and one of the most popular types is the air source heat pump. An air source heat pump uses outside air as a heat source or heat sink to heat or cool an indoor space. Often favoured for their flexibility and compactness, these pumps are generally located outside of a property and can be fixed on the floor or walls, without the need for extensive installation preparation, and are similar in size to an air conditioning unit. Used to heat water for radiators heating systems, or to heat the air inside, these systems use approximately 35% of the electricity of a standard electric heating system for the same amount of heating, which significantly reduces service bills.

Heat pumps of terrestrial origin: In contrast, favourite ground source heat pumps can also be used to power radiators. These systems use pipes buried in the outside of a building to extract heat from the ground, where the temperature is constant, which means that it can be used throughout the year, even in the middle of winter. Widely used in school applications where they can be easily located under the surface of the playground, these systems can not only contribute significantly to reducing carbon emissions but also shorten the payback periods by 35-40 per cent thanks to the fuel savings.

Low wattage products: The public sector can also benefit from making more efficient ventilation decisions from the energy point of view. Low-power products such as low-power fan heaters are especially popular, as in addition to efficiently improving the indoor environment, they also offer up to 80 per cent energy savings, an additional benefit with high energy bills that seem ready to stay.

Heat recovery systems: Another method to improve energy efficiency is to consider the use of heating & ventilation products by a heat recovery system that is sold by Warrington wholesalers. The heat recovery systems are increasingly popular, draw air from the various rooms of a building through a heat exchanger. The most common use being the use of heating. Then, the system supplies fresh air through the same heat exchanger with up to 95 per cent of the heat, that will be lost, transferred. As a result, air is carefully filtered, and condensation is eliminated, significantly improving the quality of the indoor environment while minimising energy costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.